Why should online merchants implement tokenization?

Tokenization is a process which offers security to sensitive data with an algorithmic generated number. It involves using random string of characters that helps to prevent frauds or breaches. Businesses willing to safeguard the payments of buyers should consider following PCI compliance techniques. This will help a lot to prevent data from potential risks.

Here are some reasons why tokenization is important for online merchants.

Reduces data breaches
Nowadays, criminals target customers who use credit and debit cards for online purchases which lead to data thefts. Therefore, it is necessary to implement PCI compliance measures to lower data breaches. Tokenization enables online stores to minimize negative financial impacts significantly to experience peace of mind.

Builds trust among customers
Consumers want safety and security when shopping product or service online. Tokenization lets online merchants build trust among customers that will help get high leads while promoting a product or service.

Helps to meet PCI compliance standards
Retail stores and online shops should ensure that they implement PCI compliance measures to avoid storing of sensitive credit card data. Tokenization provides methods to secure the passwords, customer accounts, and employee files. Moreover, it contributes more to prevent a business from identity thefts and other threats.

Allows online businesses to avoid fines
Online stores that are not following PCI compliance have to pay heavy fines and penalties which affect their growth. With tokenization, merchants can maintain compliance with industry regulations which give ways to obtain optimal results.

It is more secure than encryption
Businesses earlier used encryption technique to secure credit card data. At the same time, it will store the original data on the server which results in hacking and other problems. Unlike encryption, tokenization removes the data from a network to prevent thefts and hacking. .

Grows business in the markets
Tokenization is one of the best ways to protect sensitive data from breaches. Besides that, it paves ways to grow business in the markets thereby helping to generate more income.

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Know What Makes Bitcoin Mining More Profitable than Bitcoin Trading

Considering the current price of Bitcoin, it is highly unlikely that most investors will be able to afford it. However, the good news is, there are more than one ways to own Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin mining, while highly competitive, is a highly lucrative industry.

With the advanced ASICs machines and intuitive mining softwares, miners can not only cover the initial costs of the equipment in a single year but also earn a significant profit. The popularity of Bitcoin mining has grown hand-in-hand with the acceptance of cryptocurrencies.

According to an ING International Survey, over 35% of European crypto enthusiasts believe Bitcoin will take over the online shopping market. Also, 32% of the group thinks cryptocurrency has much more to offer than traditional financial services.

Bitcoin mining uses ASIC computing power to solve complex equations, which earn the miners a reward in the cryptocurrencies. The evolution of DeFi technology has made Bitcoin mining more lucrative by empowering platforms such as Zionodes and creating smart contracts.

Here are few reasons why Bitcoin mining is more lucrative than buying.

Money is undoubtedly the biggest lure for crypto investors. Cryptocurrency promises great rewards by holding and leveraging Bitcoin to grow more returns. However, considering 1 Bitcoin costs over $60,000, it might be unaffordable for maximum investors.

Here’s where Bitcoin mining comes into play as users can not only earn their equipment cost in a year but also earn more Bitcoins over the year. Bitcoin mining is adaptive and will not harm the miners during fluctuations.

If the price of Bitcoin drops or increases, Miners can switch between different currencies to adjust their profits. In contrast, the person who purchases a Bitcoin might face loss if the Bitcoin’s price drops.

Bitcoin, while being the most significant player in the cryptocurrency world, is not the only one. The Crypto market is unpredictable and is prone to severe fluctuations. In the past, several times, the price of Bitcoin dropped, unfortunately, and users had to switch to Ethereum.

While switching from one cryptocurrency to another is easy for miners, it might not be as profitable for people buying the token. They might have to cut their losses and trade them for lower values, and face significant losses.

Mining platforms can automatically shift the pool from one token to another, adjusting to the fluctuations and prevent any losses for miners.

There have been several cases where even the best crypto wallets were hacked, and users ended up losing their crypto assets. While holding assets in a digital wallet is risky, storing them in cold storage is not. The majority of mining platforms store their user’s crypto assets in cold storage, making them inaccessible to hackers.

Purchasing Bitcoin is not everyone’s cup of tea anymore, but that should not stop you from investing. Bitcoin mining is a more beneficial way of earning tokens without any risks, as stated above. Platforms like Zionodes are making the mining process a whole lot easier with the help of smart contracts.To learn about bitcoin mining in detail you can visit Zionodes.

Top Five Bitcoin Mining Machines for 2021

Traders and investors with a crypto portfolio understand the cruciality involved with Bitcoin Mining. According to a report, an approximate of 100 million bitcoin miners were in operation in Feb, 2021.

A different report mentions, these miners have already earned over $1.1 billion in January witnessing over 62% rise from the previous month.

The most crucial part of Bitcoin mining is to own efficient hardware that can handle the crypto industry’s ever-growing demand and traffic.

In this article, we will discuss the top five mining machines for 2021.

What are Bitcoin Mining Machines?
Earlier, Bitcoin mining was done on a CPU but as the technology advanced, so did the need for faster and dedicated machines. Today, specialized devices called ASICs are used for bitcoin mining because of their robust processing power.

A bitcoin mining machine’s profitability and efficiency are determined by its capacity to churn out an excellent hash rate without consuming too much power. There are several machines in the market capable of producing excellent hash rates without skyrocketing power bills, as discussed below.

Top 5 Bitcoin mining machines for 2021
Choosing your first Bitcoin mining machine can be a daunting task, but this list can help you quickly decide among the best.

Ebang EBIT E11++
Ebang EBIT E11++ is one of the best bitcoin mining machines in the market manufactured by Zheijang Ebang Communication. It is the successor of a previously successful model EBIT E10 and has even better performance.

Chip size: 10-nm semiconductor technology
Hash Rate: 44TH/s
Power Consumption: 2000W
Hashrate to Power consumption ratio: 45W/T ±10%
Cooling system: Heat sink with robust shell material and a dedicated cooling fan.
ASICminer 8 Nano
ASICminer 8 Nano is the best model in the long line of ASICs from ASICminer company. The company claims to be the leader in the crypto mining industry, which is evident from this powerful machine.

Chip size: AM8015 8mm custom chip with 0.05J/GH ±10% efficiency
Hash Rate: 44TH/s
Power Consumption: 2100W
Hashrate to Power consumption ratio: 44W/T ±10%
Cooling system: Excellent water cooling system
INNOSILICON T3+57T BTC Miner is the latest ASIC device in the Terminator 2 and 3 series with next-gen capabilities.

Chip size: Terminator 3 series INNOSILICON T3+57T
Hash Rate: 43TH/s ±5%
Power Consumption: 2100W ± 10%
Hashrate to Power consumption ratio: 48.83W/T ±10%
Cooling system: Two dedicated fans
WhatsMiner M10V1
WhatsMiner M10V1 is the latest addition to a long list of devices. Unlike its predecessors, this ASIC machine is capable of producing efficient results and higher hash rates.

Chip size: 16nm Nanochip
Hash Rate: 31TH/s ±5%
Power Consumption: 2000W ± 10%
Hashrate to Power consumption ratio: 31W/T ±10%
Cooling system: Built-in dedicated cooling fan with heat syncs
Bitmain Antminer S15
Antminer S15 is the latest addition to their long series of crypto mining machines. Antminer is one of the oldest bitcoin mining machine manufacturers starting in 2013.

Chip size: 7nm Nanochip
Hash Rate: 28TH/s ±2% to 17TH/s ±2%
Power Consumption: 850W to 1596W
Hashrate to Power consumption ratio: 57J/TH to 50J/TH
Cooling system: Efficient but loud fan cooling system
These are the top five mining machines ranked according to their efficiency. All of these machines are used by top crypto platforms such as Zionodes and can seamlessly integrate with a mining farm. If you are looking for professional Bitcoin mining services, you can visit Zionodes’ website to know more.

SEO Consultant: Five Reasons Your Local Business Needs One

This is one of those rare times when an opportunity is on the edge of exploding. Currently getting top rankings for local search terms is relatively inexpensive and can be accomplished in a surprisingly short span of time. Local businesses who take advantage of this opportunity will position themselves to reap the benefits for years to come and be ahead of the competition. The competition will only become more fierce as the days go by.

A local SEO consultant can help your business flourish by adding value to your brand and bringing you more customers. Here are five reasons your local business needs an SEO Consultant:

1. Consider this: An estimated 42 percent of all click-through traffic goes to the first listing of a search engine; the next gets around 12 percent, third 8.5 percent, the fourth 6 percent with all the rest getting under 5 percent. The first page receives about 90 percent of all click-through traffic while the second only gets 4.5 percent. An SEO consultant will take the necessary steps to get your website in a position to receive a higher click-through rate to your site giving you contact with more potential customers.

2. Google Places often has its listings before the organic search results when searchers type in local search terms. Therefore if your business is not listed in the Google Places listings you have less chance of being found. A local SEO consultant can set up and optimize a Google Places listing giving you greater visibility in Google local searches.

3. While SEO and online marketing are different tasks, they go hand in hand. Optimizing the marketing aspects of your website should be something that your SEO consultant can help you with.

4. Setting up and maintaining social media accounts for your business has become a critical part of marketing. A Facebook Fan Page, a Twitter account, managing directory listings and reviews are all part of social media marketing. Again, while not technically SEO, social media marketing is usually a skill set most SEO consultants possess.

5. Finally, there is what I call “The death of the Yellow Pages” (may they rest in peace). The print Yellow Pages is rarely referred to for finding businesses these days. Where do you go to find what you need? If you are like 74 percent of the people in a 2007 study by Yahoo, then you went to the Internet and used a search engine to find what you were looking for. This is a trend that has continued and the percentage is probably much higher today. Using your Yellow Pages advertising dollars to advance your brand on the Internet through a local SEO consultant will provide a greater ROI from your advertising budget.

Advertising, marketing and promotion are all necessary expenses for a business owner that wants to grow their business. Investing in an SEO consultant is not only smart but a necessity in today’s digital society.

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