SEO Consultant: Five Reasons Your Local Business Needs One

This is one of those rare times when an opportunity is on the edge of exploding. Currently getting top rankings for local search terms is relatively inexpensive and can be accomplished in a surprisingly short span of time. Local businesses who take advantage of this opportunity will position themselves to reap the benefits for years [...]

Social Media Consultants: Do They Really Do Marketing?

A lot has been said about social media marketing and the social network consultants who work behind it but there are still a lot of questions that people want to know about the people in this industry and the things that they do. Well, who could blame this people for expressing their desire to be [...]

Grow Your Business By Being a Search Engine Marketing Consultant

Business consultants often start with a few clients from their existing circles and eventually grow their client base with the help of referrals and some word of mouth. Getting new clients may be a great way to increase your income but it can also be time-consuming and expensive. Experts suggest offering your services as a [...]

Using Consultative Sales Techniques to Win Business Faster

The shift of focus from product selling to solution selling has brought huge benefits and huge challenges to selling organisations over the past 10 years. The benefits include higher-value sales, higher customer satisfaction, and longer-term supplier-customer relationships. However, the challenges this shift has brought include: Greater skills are required for selling and higher wage bills [...]

SEO Consultancy: 2 Things Your Consultant Should Never Say

Because internet marketing is not a tangible thing, you cannot hold it in your hand, there are a lot of pirate companies out there who aim to target naive people, promise them off the chart results and do a runner with all their money. This of course makes it awful for those internet marketing businesses [...]