Selecting an Internet Consultant

Selecting an internet consultant for your business should be undertaken with the same care as selecting any of your professional advisors. Although the local phone directory may be full of accountants and lawyers, the same can’t be said for internet consultants.

That shouldn’t be a problem to you anyway, as most internet consultants are found online or by referral and it doesn’t really matter if they are local to you or not. What’s important is that they provide you with a thoroughly professional service. Generally with online business requirements, this can be provided via email, but even more preferably using Skype as you can actually speak to the internet consultant and if you have a web cam, virtually talk face to face.

When seeking a web consultant, you should always insist on a free consultation up front to discuss your requirements. This is also an opportunity for you to quiz the internet consultant on their background and skills. This is very important and you should choose your internet consultant with the same level of care that you would choose any of your professional advisors.

Of late, there has been a bit of a marketing splurge in the online world and several programs sold suggesting that internet marketers take their skills to the offline world. The problem of course is that whilst many of these internet marketers may know how to set up a one page sales site, setting up a total business web site is a different matter entirely.

Ideally you want someone who has good web design skills, a sound knowledge of search engine optimization and a good working knowledge of social media. These skills are important to ensure your business web site not only looks good, but ranks well in the search engines resulting in traffic to your site. A social media campaign can supplement these things and drive additional traffic to your site.

If someone is outsourcing all this work and raking the cream, they don’t necessarily have the skills to assess the value of what is being done. This is where a depth of wide ranging experience is necessary, indeed essential for the internet consultant. After all, it is your goal to create an extremely effective online campaign that will drive traffic to your website and customers into your arms. Don’t be satisfied with anything less.

So in summary, make sure you get a free consultation. During this time, have a list of pertinent questions to ask and also get testimonials and references regarding the quality of work performed in the past. These simple steps can help you make sure you get yourself a decent internet consultant.