SEO Consultancy: 2 Things Your Consultant Should Never Say

Because internet marketing is not a tangible thing, you cannot hold it in your hand, there are a lot of pirate companies out there who aim to target naive people, promise them off the chart results and do a runner with all their money. This of course makes it awful for those internet marketing businesses that are complete legitimate. So we have put together a list of some of the top lies that fake SEO consultants tell to help you spot the conmen from the honest folk:

“We can guarantee you top spot in a week”

An SEO campaign takes time as the website in question needs to build in authority and there is always going to be some kind of competition. Your keywords should be selected bearing in mind how many exact local monthly searches they receive, the higher the search volumes the better. Also in SEO there are no guarantees. Honest SEO consultants will give you a rough estimation but not exact timelines.

“The best keywords contain your company name”

This is not the case. People who search your exact business name in search engines like Google are pretty much safe bets and are there because they are specifically looking for you services or products. They will try to convince you of these as there will be no ranking competition for these key terms and so you’ll be able to rank high for them very quickly if you are not already. Sound SEO consultants will show you a long list of potential keywords and their search numbers and assist you to pick out which ones you would like to target.
So, make sure that if you hear either of these statements come out of the mouth of an SEO consultant you run away as fast as you can!

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